I started teaching photography in early 2002. Everything happened a bit by chance, but it took only a short time for me to understand that it was an incredible experience, both photographically and humanly profound. For about 5 years I remained immersed in the Roman teaching reality, where I taught photojournalism at professional schools and photo associations. Then I developed the idea of creating my own workshops, giving students the chance to make an unrelenting experience in the field. A ten days travel experience we spend together to devote them entirely to photography. We will take pictures every day and daily we make an editing of the images produced by the single participants. A very intensive experience where students can improve their photographic skills and develop a more personal vision. From 2006 to 2013 I gave photographic workshops regulary, choosing as photographic destinations Spain, Cuba and Brazil.


FESTA do DIVINO (Brasile)

WORKSHOP FOTOGRAFICO BRASILE (Cearà) dal 25 settembre al 05 Ottobre 2023 "Mistico Sertão" Dal 25 Settembre al 05 Ottobre 2022 - I EDIZIONE Il workshop "Mistico Sertão" della durata di 11 giorni, è un percorso ...
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WORKSHOP FOTOGRAFICO con Dario De Dominicis e Fausto Podavini Cuba Rurale Dal 04 al 14 Marzo 2022 - I EDIZIONE Il workshop "Cuba Rurale" della durata di 11 giorni, è un percorso didattico pensato per ...
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in collaborazione con WITNESS JOURNAL All’interno della programmazione della prossima edizione del Festival di fotografia sociale e documentaria “Closer | Dentro il Reportage”, il workshop “Scolpire il tempo” con il fotografo Dario De Dominicis, un ...
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