Taliria Petrone (39 years old) is a young black woman born from a middle-class family , in Niteroi, a small town just in front of the Rio de Janeiro. She was a brilliant history teacher when she was elected as a municipal councilor in the Niteroi City Council, in 2016, resulting in the most voted candidate with 5,000 electoral preferences. Her life has been completely shocked on March 14, 2018, when Marielle Franco, her party and fight partner, was brutally murdered with four rifle shots on her head. Marielle, 38 (years old), was a city councilor in Rio de Janeiro and Taliria felt her like a “sister of life”. The brutal murder raised emotion and protests in the world of political activists, inside and outside Brazil. Also, there were only a few months left for the Brazilian elections. The Taliria’s party, the Psol (Socialism and Freedom Party), decided to give a political reponse to the Marielle’s murder  and nominated a small group of black women as candidates, both locally and federally. Taliria, due its charisma as a leader, has been presented in the electoral competition for Federal Parliament. Political and anti-militarist activist, like her friend Marielle, she is always on the front line to defend the rights of black people and LGBT minority, or to denounce police abuses in the favelas of Rio. For this reason she received repeated threats in 2017 and 2018. The Niteroi Municipal Council gave her an armed escort that was removed at the beginning of the electoral campaign. After a long and exhausting electoral competition, marked by the prison of Lula and the aggression on Bolsonaro, Taliria Petrone was elected federal deputy with 107,000 votes, on October 28, 2018.