In August of 2006, due to health problems, Fidel Castro abdicated power in favor of his brother Raul. For the first time, after 48 straight years as a leader of the country, he was forced to stand down and, by February 2008, he will be completely out of the scene. In the first 6 months, Raul’s Government created many expectations with a series of announcements about renovations. But the new law measures introduced, quickly extinguished the hopes of the population for a brighter future. The Cuban revolution is living a very critical moment. Many years have already passed since the fall of the Eastern European socialist block, and even the historical visit from the Pope feels like a remote memory. Once again the Cuban’s leaders only worried about keeping the privileges of power, showing their incapacity for renewal. Not even the “Lider Maximo” Fidel’s renunciation to power, has been enough to shake the country, to restart the natural course of history. The Cuban people appear as if immersed in a long and endless night, not knowing when they will be able to emerge from it. But the night is also a moment of dreaming, of intimacy, of confessions. When reality acquires a more dreamlike vision, giving a sense back to all things.