voltarSAMBA for VIOLIN

Tiago is a young black violinist born in one of the many slums of Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to his passion and talent  for music he was able to transform his life. He began to study music when he was eight years old in the Grota, the favela where he was born. Since then he has gone a long way and in 2002, at the age of 21, he started working as a professional musician. In 2006 Tiago meets Karoline Broosch, a young German violinist, and they got married in a few months. In November of 2013, together with Karol and the Norwegian violinist Kaja Pettersen they founded the group for string instruments called Camerata Laranjeiras. It is a social project involving young people from degraded and dangerous “carioca” suburbs in order to offer them new opportunities for personal realization through music. The orchestra has now become a reality in the musical scene of Rio and they are called to perform in many important carioca theaters. Tiago loves call himself violinist, producer, cultural agitator and peace activist, as posted in his instagram page. So he frequently plans concerts in the street or public events, in which the Camerata play a repertoire ranging from classical to pop music. Karoline and Tiago, who earn their living by giving lessons, had a daughter named Nina, who is currently 7 years old and over time she has became the mascot of the band.